1. <p><b>Leo:</b> *touches nico and accidentally burns him*</p>
  2. <p><b>Nico:</b> ow! why are you so hot</p>
  3. <p><b>Leo:</b> thanks bby</p>
  4. <p><b>Nico:</b> what</p>
  5. <p><b>Leo:</b> what</p>
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Sleeping Habits: The Seven + Octavian + Reyna

+ Percy: Percy likes to spoon. He usually sneaks into his significant other’s bedroom and ends up spooning with them – him being the big spoon – and eventually falling asleep that way.

+ Annabeth: Annabeth usually falls asleep with a book in…

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""Dude." Jason gave Percy a bear hug."
The House of Hades, Rick Riordan (via percyandheroesquotes)
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drunk ∞ jeyna drabble

Jason Grace: Heyy reYnaaaaaaaaaa

Jason Grace: y9ou wanna kno a secret?

Jason Grace: im in lo ve with u

Jason Grace: reynAa??? talk to me baby xx


Reyna’s shakily reread the texts, and ran a hand through her hair. She pressed the home button, and tried to calm herself down.

It wasn’t everyday the man of her dreams told her he loved her.


Several minutes later, she gathered her courage and reopened the Messages app.


RA-RA: Are you drunk, Grace?

Seconds later, he’d replied:

Jason Grace: as a boiled ow l

Jason Grace: but hey they s ay alcohol only 6brings out tha buried truth

RA-RA: Go to bed.

Jason Grace: w/you? :)


Reyna blushed.


Jason Grace: im mad for u x

RA-RA: No, you’re mad, period.

Jason Grace: ur denying it s0weetheart

RA-RA: You have a girlfriend.

Jason Grace: even i kno she’s been cheatting on me for the past 4 mon ths

RA-RA: Still doesn’t make it right.

Jason Grace: doesn’t m ake it com1pletely wrong either??

RA-RA: You’re going to regret this tomorrow.

Jason Grace: #NO_REGRETS

RA-RA: You’re an idiot.

Jason Grace: 4 u i’ll be 10 idiots

RA-RA: Seriously, Jason, go to bed.

Jason Grace: ily

Jason Grace: x

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